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Need a Pain-Killer For Your

WordPress Website ?


Over time, WordPress can become problematic for you due to outdated PHP, WordPress, or plugins. You can make the pain go away permanently for free by using my WP Painkiller software. Please provide me with your email and website address, and I will send you a free guide to converting your website.

WordPress Pain Killer

I will give the solution for converting your WordPress site to Next.JS(ReactJS) for free, with no strings attached. For you to do it yourself, I will provide you the repo and tutorial. Do you require my assistance? You can reach me via email.

Save $10 every month?

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Your Current Expense

Monthly Bill : $10

Yearly Bill : $120

Maintanance : 10H/M

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Monthly Bill : $ 0

Maintanance : DIY

Your Current Usage

Bandwidth : 10GB

Total Posts : 10

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Why Convert

WordPress To "A NextJS(ReactJS) Static Site" ?

Your browser can only view static material. To make it dynamic, I use React and Next.JS. So you get the best of all worlds: the finest static site performance, SEO, and interactivity via javascript. Furthermore, you receive everything for free. I'm so fed up with all of the current solutions that I came up with my own, which is a "No-Sh*t" solution that anyone can use.


Each component of your website, including Apache/ngix, MySQL, PHP, WordPress, and plugins, might be vulnerable if not configured properly. Your server is safer without them.


Static pages are preferred by both SEO and users since they load more quickly, are responsive, and are more up to date thanks to react and tailwind. Now get a perfect performance score.

Feature Packed

React is the most popular technology nowadays for adding any functionality to your website. You will receive all currently available features plus the option to add more whenever you like.

DIY Friendly

There is no need to rely on anybody else, not even myself, just follow the instructions and do it yourself.

No hidden fees

Yes! I offer my services for free. My tutorial and guide will help you convert your WordPress, and they are also user-friendly for beginners.


If you do SEO correctly, performance will improve. No restrictions of any type regarding plugins. You have complete freedom to create your own website.

React (Next.JS)

You can transform your website into anything you want using contemporary technologies like NextJS(ReactJS). You can even hire me to build it for you.

Cost Effective.

The solutions are all quite reasonable, and some of them are even free, and React does not require a strong server to function. Now is the moment to make a move.

Best Support.

There are several blog examples and forums where you may find support for your NextJS(ReactJS) installation, and the majority of them are free. Alternately, you might use my assistance.


You can import your past comments and easily integrate the comment system into your new application.


Remove the need for a separate form, construct your form in minutes, and enjoy dependency freedom.


Use free and powerful professional-grade searches for your blog.
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How does this work?

"Headless" Or "Static" ?

Both have their own pros and cons, but I highly recomend static site then headless if you must use wordpress.

Image showing which is better headless WordPress or converted React site.
WP Painkiller Pills

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Frequently asked questions

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Will you convert my site?
It is a do-it-yourself service. I'll provide you the code and a guide so you can convert your own website.
Why it is Free or Trail?
FREE! You own the code, I just made the process simple.
Hosting is Free?
Yes! Netlify, Vercel, CloudFlare are offering hosting for free. Why not take advantage of it?
Do I have to pay for anything?
Yes! You have to pay for your domain name.
Can I use WordPress Admin Panel to create content and NextJS for front end?
Yes! You can use WordPress as headless. Please contact me with your requirement. It is a paid service I offer.
WP Painkiller Pills

When will it be accessible?

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WP Painkiller is getting ready!

This solution is ideal for you if you run a simple WordPress blog website. Create a static version of your website using the most well-liked Next.JS react framework. I will assist you in making your site load faster and cheaper to host, even free if you can overlook some hosting limitations. Send me your email address, and I'll send you instructions on how to convert and host your site for free. No strings attached, really! Immediately after this, check your email to receive the code, tutorial, and how-to guide.