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Open Exam V1

OpenExam is open-source and free for non-commercial usage.



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OpenExam enables teachers to create their exams and check their student's progress. Hosting email and database are free* and provided by a respected company, no spam.

No Monthly Bill. You don't need any monthly commitment to run your web-based exam app.

All your assets are your digital property. Every question, exam and results you prepare are private, and only you are in control.

Tutorials and step by step how-to have you will help you to solve any problem.

We have your back. We will help you to make sure your app is running smoothly. We will upgrade this app regularly.

Translate to your Language?

Yes. You can translate the whole web app to your native language, and set it as the app's default language. As a proof of concept, we have translated the whole app into "Bangla" and set it to the default language. Try it out.

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